sanner hotel is centrally located outside oslo

Sanner Hotel is centrally located in Eastern Norway - only 40 minutes from Gardermoen and 55 minutes from Oslo. The hotel rests at Granavollen in a quiet, scenic and historical setting.

transport and directions

From Oslo

From Sandvika, you can drive over Sollihøgda to Jevnaker, take the crossroads to Lunner and Riksvei 4, and follow this on to Gran. The best option from Oslo, and probably from Sandvika, is to drive to Sinsenkrysset and follow Riksvei 4 towards Gjøvik. After approx. 60 km. on the RV 4, make a turn at the exit to Gran. After passing Gran center, follow the signs "Sister churches" and "Hotels". Follow the sign to Sanner Hotell, and after approx. 3-4 km up the hill you will see several big white houses on the right side of the road. You're at your destination! In normal traffic it takes about 55 minutes by car from Sinsenkrysset.

Public transport:

All trains with Jaren or Gjøvik as its final station stops at Gran Station. At Gran Station you will find Gran Taxi, which can take you to the hotel.

From Gardermoen airport

From Gardermoen, the fastest route to Sanner Hotell will be to follow the signs to Roa / Hønefoss. Drive through the tunnel to get to Riksvei 4. Turn left and follow RV 4 until you reach Gran Center. Here, you will see the signs "Sister Churches" and "Hotels." This trip takes about 40-45 minutes from Gardermoen.

Public transport:

The airport bus service runs regularly between Gardermoen and Hønefoss. Visit for timetables. When boarding the airport bus, call Gran Taxi Central at +47 613 33 000 and book a taxi that will wait for you at Lunner Town Hall, which is your final station. The taxi will take you to the hotel. The bus service takes approx. 40 min. and the taxi approx. 10 min.

Alternatively, you also have the opportunity to take the airport train to Oslo Central Station and take the first train with the final destinations Jaren or Gjøvik (see for routes).

From Hønefoss

From Hønefoss, follow the road towards Jevnaker, past Hadeland Glassworks and over to Roa. At Roa, turn left and follow RV 4 north to Gran center and follow the road as described up to Granavollen and Sanner Hotell. This ride normally takes approx. 40 minutes.

From Gjøvik

From Gjøvik, follow RV 4 towards Oslo. When you arrive at Gran, make a right, following the signs to the hotels and Granavollen. You will see a sign to Sanner Hotell and after approx. 3-4 km up the hill you will see several big white houses on the right side of the road. You have arrived at the hotel! In normal traffic this trip takes about 50 minutes by car.

Public transport:

Train and taxi from Gran Station.

Group transport

Sanner Hotel will happily arrange public transport for you. We can help organize a group bus or taxi transport for groups, if desired.

Our transport partners are:

Nettbuss Hadeland: +47 452 10 300

Schaus Buss: +47 64 95 61 61

Gran Taxi: +47 61 33 30 00

Askeladden Reiser: +47 32 13 54 50

We wish you a pleasant trip and welcome you to Sanner Hotel!