great attractions in hadeland

Sanner Hotel is located in a nationally renowned cultural landscape, with a history that extends thousands of years back in time. Here you will find many unique sights within walking distance.

A walk to the Sister Churches from the 1100s

A popular activity for busy course participants is a walk to Norway's only twin churches from the Middle Ages - the Sister Churches. The story tells the tale of the two sisters who became enemies and built two separate churches. The churches are just 300 meters from the hotel.

Duration: Approximately 1 hour

Extra: Short organ concert in one of the churches

A walk to the Stone House from the 1200s 

The Stone House is Norway's only stone building from the Middle Ages on the countryside, and stands only 200 meters from the Sister churches. This was the main building at Prestegården, and housing for the deans in Hadeland. The building has an exciting history and a very special historical medieval atmosphere. See Steinhuset for more information.

Extra: Rent the Stone House cellar and arrange for a trubadur concert with Ergoduo. You are welcome to bring drinks.

A walk to the Priest Widow Home, Sjo, from 1795

The Priest Widow Home, Sjo, rests only 100 meters from the Sister Churches, and is a popular attraction among hotel guests. The priest widow lived her final years here, but Sjo is still most famous for being the place where Norwegian author Aasmund Olavsson Vinje died. On this walk, you will hear many exciting stories from Granavollen. Coffee/tea and homemade lemon cake is served here.

Extra: There are also organized medieval walks on Granavollen, where many of the attractions can be explored.

Hadeland Folkemuseum

Hadeland Folkemuseum is located in beautiful cultural-historical surroundings near Granavollen. As one of the country's oldest open-air museums, history is taken seriously. Walk into selected buildings and hear exciting stories about social life and family life in different periods of time in different societies. The museum's lavvo offers two different historical programs; «From Mead to Microbrewery» and «The Dark Middle Ages», both of which last for approx. 1.5 hours. Read more at

The Glass Barn

Just a few hundred meters from the hotel lies the Glass Barn. Since Queen Sonja opened the Glass Barn on April 27, 2016, this has been a major attraction in Hadeland. This protected barn from the 1880s was built based on ecological principles. Exhibitions and events are arranged here throughout the year. Many artists, writers, composers and dancers rent the facilities here, so you can never know what to expect on your next visit. In the Stall Gallery, art is sold throughout the year. Read more at

Helgum Farm

The farm name Helgum is believed to be from the old Iron Age (500 BC - 550 AD). In 1840 the traditional Granavolden Gjæstgiveri was purchased by the businessman Syver Gaarder (1803-1867) from Nordre Land. In 1844, he received the municipal council's license to operate on-the-spot trade. Today you will find a farm shop, workshop, limousines and more. In the farm shop you can buy sheep leather, clothing, interior and wellness products, based on good craftsmanship, natural fibers and ingredients. Many of the unique products are produced on the farm. Read more at

Visit Hadeland Glassworks

Hadeland Glassworks is one of the most popular Norwegian tourist attractions. Observe glass being created, blow your own glass, visit the glass museum, see the tin and candle foundry, visit Kramboden, the bakery, the honey house, old buildings, and much more. We will happily arrange transportation for you.