Event menu

We will customize the menu according to your wishes, and can offer several alternatives.

3 course menu

Alternative 1

  • Homemade trout with celeriac purée and herbal oil

  • Whole roasted veal with sauteed vegetables, boiled potatoes and homemade cream sauce

  • Cremè Brûlée with raspberry sorbet and fresh fruit salad

Alternative 2

  • Bacon wrapped chicken filled with thyme and cream cheese, with baked carrot, salty ham and mustard sauce

  • Braised pork neck with hasselback potatoes. Creamy cabbage, glazed fat, baked apple and apple sauce made with apple juice from Hemlaga på Nes

  • Homemade apple cake with apples from the garden, apple syrup and vanilla ice cream

4 course menu

Alternative 3

  • Buttered scallops with salty ham and parmesan, arugula, pine nuts and balsamic syrup

  • Creamy soup of the season with croutons / bacon

  • Whole pork tenderloin with baked shallots, tomato gratin with herbs, pommes Anna, pepper sauce

  • Chocolate mousse with caramel and sea salt. Served with fresh berry coulis

Alternative 4

  • Juniper berry and aquavit graved trout with mustard stewed root vegetables

  • Reindeer stew or deer with creamy sauce, buttered vegetables and amandine potatoes

  • Norwegian cheese with plum chutney and homemade crispbread

  • Troll cream on a creamy nut base with liqueur and spice marinated cranberries