fun activities

When visiting Granavollen, you will never be bored. Sanner Hotel and the surrounding area can offer a variety of fun activities and great hiking areas. The activities combine Granavollen's unique history with modern facilities.

Taste wines from different countries and learn about wine history

A very popular activity for our guests is wine tasting in the hotel's wine cellar. Participants will get an exciting lecture about wine and wine history, and can taste four different wines from different countries. Blind tests and competitions are held, and the winner will receive the Connoisseur Prize. For groups with less time we recommend a wine aperitif with a short wine presentation.

Pool with a starry sky, sauna and spa treatments

We strongly recommend a session in the hotel's wellness department. Here, you will find a pool with a starry sky, sauna, and a rich selection of treatments at Andrine's Spa. There is possibilities for a simple serving of fruit, vegetables and drinks.

Competitions and activities in the hotel park

We will gladly facilitate different activities in the hotel park for you. The cheapest variant is setting up different stations with exercises (such as milk churn throwing, horse shoe throwing, bow and arrow, rope pulling, quizzes, etc.) that the groups conduct on their own. We also have volleyball, tennis, kubb, boccia, hiking trails and ski slopes during the winter. Another option is to engage our partner Bjørn Nilsen in management and team training, who has installed a number of practical exercises in the grove adjacent to the hotel. Exercises provide unique opportunities to practice management, coaching and team building.

A nice round in the nationally renowned cultural landscape of Granavollen

We recommend a sleigh ride under the direction of Granavollen Kjørelag during winter, or driving by horse and carriage during summertime. You will be picked up at the hotel and can enjoy a nice round in the nationally renowned cultural landscape of Granavollen. The ride can be combined with simple servings and a farm visit.

«Signum Grata — finding the Cryptogram»

This activity is perfect after a long day of courses and business meetings. Signum Grata is a kind of rebus run, which is mainly carried out inside the hotel. Collaboration, analytical thinking, creativity and competition are key words for the activity - inspired by the Da Vinci Code. It is important to use the entire team's strengths, be observant, and listen to the instructions given. Our partner has a rich and exciting activity menu including a new type of mobile escape room and action track.

Rent a bike/kicksled

Adjacent to the Sister Churches, the old stables have been converted into a stable chapel, which is absolutely worth a visit. Rent a bicycle and experience the beautiful and nationally renowned cultural landscape of Granavollen and Tingelstadhøgda. We recommend a bicycle ride from the Sister Churches along the pilgrimage route to Nidaros, and to Hadeland Folkemuseum (about 5 km). At Hadeland Folkemuseum you will find a number of Hadeland's buildings and exhibitions from the 1600-1800s. It is also said that parts of Halfdan Svarte are buried here. Near the museum lies Old Tingelstad church - Norway's only medieval stone church with original interior from after the Reformation.