Dining rooms for every occasion

The hotel offers both spacious dining rooms for big events, and more intimate lounges for smaller companies. We can tailor arrangements according to your wishes and needs. The dining rooms are suitable for companies who wish to sit for themselves, and can be booked in advance. Enjoy a home-cooked, tasteful and traditional meal with colleagues and friends in historical surroundings here at Sanner Hotel.

Spisestuen Bergljot

Spisestuen Bergljot is suitable for larger companies and events. The room can accommodate up to 100 people on the long table and 130 people on the round table. Breakfast is served here every morning.


Gamlestua is ideal for small groups (about 4-10 people) who want to enjoy a pleasant meal in a more intimate setting. Historic timber walls create a cozy and unique atmosphere.

Gamle peisestue

Gamle peisestue is a cozy dining room that accommodates 32 people. Here, we can arrange for a party or offer a relaxed and casual meal.